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FARM MASTERS, INC. was incorporated in July 9, 1991 as a family corporation conceptualized by the incorporators to be developed into an integrated agricultural complex to include palay farming of special varieties, a vegetable orchard section and a fish pond


- As Originally Envisioned

- Conceptualized by Developer-Owner

- Background of Developer-Owner

- Corporate Director and Officers






As Originally Envisioned :

Originally, a vacation house, a target range, cattle fattening, a stable for pole horse and goat breeding area were introduced and a year later 2 concrete ponds were constructed. The consolidated control of the corporation to Oscar B. Beltran, Jr. and his associates which account for the turn around from its original agricultural conceptualization to housing development

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As Conceptualized by Developer-Owner :

Not being familiar with agricultural processes but more inclined and knowledgeable in real estate development in California, he felt that he would like to try his hand along this line the time being favorable to housing and real estate development.

Total land area is twelve (12) hectares, six (6) of which comprising mostly that portion facing the national road has been reserved as the resort area including the recreational facilities. The other six (6) hectares was designated as the subdivision site. The owner of an adjacent property of three (3) hectares has a written agreement for a joint venture with Farm Masters Realty, Inc. in the event expansion of the subdivision arae becomes necessary. Direct purchase of said property was not amenable to the owner thereof but only a joint venture.

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Background of Developer-Owner :

We have developed a total of seven different projects in Metro Manila :


Coral St., Manila                           
Esmeralda St., Manila                     
Nakar St., Manila                 
Amatista St., Manila
Parkwood Green Subdivision, Pasig
Scout de Guia, Quezon City
Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City

- 4 Door Townhouse
- 4 Door Townhouse
- 4 Door Townhouse
- 4 Door Townhouse
- 500 Sq. M. House
- 2 Door Townhouse
- 2 Storey Building


Farm Masters Realty, Inc. came about as we got more involved on our real estate projects. In the future, as economic conditions may warrant we intend to expand into the nearby provinces of Metro Manila and cater other markets. San Miguel, Bulacan, will still be the main base of development activities. Bulacan being the province of our family's origin was and still is our primary target, which account for our first subdivision and development project located thereat.

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Corporate Director and Officers :

The corporate directors and officers are as follows:


Oscar B. Beltran, Jr.

Alessandra A. Beltran
Ronald C. Villanueva
Ramon Gerry Q. Javier
Rhod N. Lacsamana

- President & Chairman of the
  Board of Directors
- Secretary/ Treasurer
- Director
- Director
- Director


All are professionals and are engaged in other businesses. Their experience and expertise of a technical consultant have proven very advantageous for the corporation.

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